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Football Badges UK is known for forging customer-centric policies and keeping everything transparent during the process. To facilitate the customers, we have curated return and exchange policies that keep everything clear between the buyers and us.

Return and Exchange Policies:

Since the first step of the process, clients are given a complete track of the order. Every step is taken with their consent. After the rough draft is turned into a digital design, it is forwarded to the client for approval. Once the client approves it, it is only then forwarded to the production team.

If a client requests amendments, they are done without any cost. After the production, a picture is shared with the client, and after the approval, the order is dispatched. Hence, the whole process is see-through, and every move we make happens with the client’s consent. There are no chances that the end product doesn’t satisfy the client.

For this reason, there are no possibilities of return or exchange. Any changes requested during the process can be catered to, but claims made after the order is dispatched will not be catered.

Compensation Policy:

To offer leverage to the buyers, we practice a compensation policy. To activate this policy, the following situation needs to be satisfied:

In case the delivered order differs in color or size, we can offer a specific compensation. Under compensation, you can place the order for the exact same design while making minor changes. And you will be given a specific discount on your order.

But in no situation, return and exchange request shall be processed.

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